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Organize a plan, create tasks and control expenses.

Fed up with endless mail chains to book a country house?
258 WHATSAPP to choose a cottage and who drives the car?
When you make a plan you do not know what to propose, nor to whom to pay what?

What problem does Dooder solve?

We love that plans go well!

Nobody likes to review a chain of 45 mails and whatsapp to find out about the plan or tasks ... That's why Dooder, streamlines the creation of a plan, accessible by all and with all the information ordered so that you can know at all times where, what, how much ...

An organized plan makes everyone win TIME.

And Dooder split your debts!

Create tasks, put what you have cost and Dooder will automatically make the deal for you. When you close a plan you will be able to divide the dough and each person will have its associated debt, so that no one is left out;)

Goodbye to "guys I can not follow you", "please a summary", "someone tell me what I have to pay ta who" and the one feared by all "I'm very busy, I can not organize anything" ... Dooder it is agile management in a fun environment ... Antiscaling has arrived in your neighborhood lady!

Dooder, presentation

Users. What they say.

"When I make a plan I see how they are, who is responsible and how much we have spent."

Dooder socked

"Yes, I like to make plans with dooder because that way nobody escapes to pay me. It's mine and that's it."

Dooder complaints

"What a nuisance, now I have to do the tasks assigned to me and I can not say that I had forgotten.."


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